Hi, we are kammama!

Your external marketing department.

We take care of everything so that you have more time for the essentials of your business.

We look after both the strategic and creative conception

… and the professional implementation of your marketing campaigns.

Be careful, the following seconds could decide the
future of your company

Does this sound familiar?

Friday afternoon and no Weekend in sight

9,437 ideas and no time to implement them

Have you missed your childs birthday again?

Let us solve all your marketing problems at once…

We are here to support you in the necessary steps

1. Developing right marketing strategy for business

2. The professional implementation of marketing campaigns

We can take care of any task, regardless of which experience level you require.

We work at an hourly rate

Without any financial risk

Flexible & Efficient to suit your needs

You can think of us as a member of your team

who is multi-disciplined in all areas of marketing

Regardless if you look after the marketing of your products and services of your SMB.

Or, there is a bottleneck in your marketing department that you urgently need to fix.

Or, you have a brilliant idea for a startup / have already founded one.

Get in contact, and focus your time on the essentials.

Leave your marketing in professional hands and get back to the core of your business!